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Security Gate Automation

We offer security gate automation to businesses and commercial properties throughout Newcastle and the north east. Contact us today for automatic gate solutions in Newcastle and Tyne and Wear.

Commercial Gates

We excel in providing bespoke commercial gates and the ultimate security solution for your business. We can design, manufacture and install a large range of gates. Including cantilever, sliding gates or hinged commercial gates to your specific requirements.

We offer our clients the latest technology in security materials. We give you complete control over who accesses your premises. We have 20 years experience in creating personal commercial gate and access control solutions. Our team will undertake a site survey and listen to your requirements and needs.

AutoEntrance is your one-stop solution to commercial gates. We supply, fit, install and maintain all of our commercial security gate systems. Whether they're mounted swing gates or underground control systems, you can count on our experts every step of the way. We understand that the entrance to your property should complement your premises. We have experienced all types of gate mechanisms, so don't hesitate to contact your local specialists.

Access Control

With an access control system, you are firmly in control over who enters or exits your premises. Custom designed audio/visual equipment and keypads/fobs can be implemented in your automated gate and barrier. Whatever the need or size of your business, we can provide a perfect solution. Whether you need  a single or multi-entry access control systems controlled with a central monitoring station, we can help. AutoEntrance's experienced team will interpret your requirements during the initial consultation. You can count on us to advise on offer a bespoke solution. From automated gates to pedestrian turnstile systems, such as football stadiums and receptions.

Types of Access Control

RFID (radio frequency identification):
These work on the principle of proximity door locks, which can be accessed via the use of a proximity card reader with key fobs and key cards.

Biometric Access Control Systems::
Where security is paramount in secure locations. Access via either retina or fingerprint readers.

Access control card readers:
Using smart cards or swipe cards