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Automatic Gate Solutions Newcastle

Do you require security barriers for your property. We offer automatic gate solutions in Newcastle and the north east. Find out more about our bespoke electric gates.


If you are after a traffic administration solution, our series of arm barriers are ideal. Car parks frequently demand a solution to manage traffic flow, specifically in busy locations. Our manual or automated barrier systems are suitable for all applications, from private or commercial facilities such as public car parks.

Car park barriers are ideal as a deterrent, as well as to manage traffic flow. However, if security is your main issue, then we recommend our variety of swing or sliding steel gates and automatic bollards. They are effective as high-end traffic solutions. Shoppers using your premises to park their cars unjustifiably can be deterred with our parking barriers. 

Automatic barriers for small to medium car parks are ideal for access control. They are available in various sizes, e.g. 3m, 4m or 5m. This offers you complete control. You can additionally implement safety attributes to your barrier. This could be an intercom system or access control.

car park barriers
car bark barrier

Access control options can include token viewers, fingerprint scanner or camera. It helps only to permit authorised workers into an area while keeping others out. You can mount these barriers at your entrances as well as exits to control access efficiently.

The type of automated barrier you pick will rely on your demands. If you have a high traffic area, you require a trusted, durable electric motor to handle day-to-day usage. Installation is quick, and our barriers have a long working life. Some of the basic automatic obstacles just need a solitary phase power supply. They provide a smooth and regular procedure.

The arm lengths can vary between models. The speed is flexible as they are made from aluminium for strength. You could include optional additions like boom lights as well as "No Access" signs. This makes these barriers efficient and effective.

Customisable barriers are ideal for any blocking entry. There are frequently made use of in public parking areas like hospitals and shopping centres. Since they are customisable, they offer a lot of adaptability and price effectiveness. They could likewise quickly be maintained by specialist installers.